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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Purchases from the Sewing for Pleasure show

As promised, pics of my purchases from the Sewing for Pleasure show:

I'm thinking a peg bag?

Cushion? Purse?

Definitely making an apron with this! I thought the orange of the ribbon and the turquoise fabric go so well together that I'm planning to incorporate the ribbon into the apron some how. Perhaps as some edging or waist ties?

I'm currently thinking of making a cover for my sewing machine with this. Although I could happily pin it on the wall and stare at it all day!

Not sure what I'm going to do with this fabric but I know that I absolutely love it!

A fan of gardening, me? You must have the wrong person! Ha! So, yes I'm thinking something along the gardening line with these cute buttons.

This was a total impulse buy at the end of the day!

And this fabric is the star of the show! In actual fact I didn't purchase it...I was about to but then my bestie had to confess that she'd already bought me some! How awesome is she...and the fabric! :-)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sewing leave: mini clutch bag pictures

As some of you may or may not know, I recently decided to go on a self imposed sewing leave for a month. Simply put, I was giving myself some time to focus on getting to know my new machine and try out some new sewing projects. 

One of the first things I decided to do was a bit of social sewing by heading to the gorgeous Sewing Cafe in Hinckley to do the lovely Heather's Mini Clutch Bag workshop. It was the first sewing workshop I've ever done and I had so much fun! You can read all about it here and yup the crazy, bright stripey, pink polka dot bag above is mine. I particularly liked the fact that we got to put a lovely pleat down the middle, with ric-rac and ribbon to compliment.

Have you been sewing recently? I'd love to hear what you made!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lavender Pin Cushion Tutorial

This is a great tutorial for beginners or if you simply fancy a quick sewing project. It can be whipped up in 30 minutes!

Supplies and tools needed:
  • Fabric (as big as you want your pin cushion)
  • Lavender (I used about 3 tablespoons for a 9cm squared cushion)
  • Toy stuffing/fabric or yarn scraps/cotton wool
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread - either a contrasting or matching colour to your fabric
  • Overlocker (optional)

1. Cut out two square pieces of fabric the same size, allowing a 1cm seam allowance. The square can be as small or large as you would like your pin cushion to be. I cut a 10cm square, which included a 1cm seam allowance.

2. Pin both squares together, right sides facing.

3. Sew around 3 sides using either a zig-zag stitch or an overlock machine to join the fabrics. Cut off any excess, being careful not to cut to close to your stitches. If you're using an overlocker, then you won't need to cut any excess off. The photo below shows what it looks like using an overlocker.

4. Sew along the remaining top edge using either a zig-zag or straight stitch, leaving a gap in the middle, so that you can turn your pin cushion the right side out.

5. Turn your pin cushion the right side out by gently pulling the fabric through the gap in the top edge.

6. Carefully push your corners out using a pair of scissors. Be careful not to push too much, so that you don't get a hole in the corner.

7. Iron your pin cushion and fill it with as much lavender as you like. I used approximately 3 tablespoons for a 9cm square pin cushion but left enough space for some toy stuffing.

8. Stuff the cushion with either wadding/toy stuffing, left over fabric cuttings or cotton wool or even the ends of some yarn.

9. Slip stitch the gap using a needle and thread. I used a green thread to match the fabric. You could use a contrasting thread and carry on around the entire cushion, making the stitch a lovely feature.

Ta-da! Your cushion is finished! 
Now give it a good sniff because it sure does smell lovely and pop those pins in ready for your next sewing project!

As an alternative, you could stuff the entire cushion with lavender and pop it under your pillow at night to help you drift off into a relaxing sleep or you could pop it in your sock draw to keep things smelling lovely! Another easy feature would be to pop a ribbon on and hang it up in your wardrobe to give your clothes a fresh, eau de lavender scent!

Happing sewing and please do send me pics of your finished your lavender pin cushions! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ampersand Commodities

Isn't this the most devine necklace ever!!

This stunning piece of jewellery has been hand crafted by the talented Bex of her newly launched shop, Ampersand Commodities (formerly Stuffed Nonsense). 

The geometric design has been hand stitched on to 100% linen and framed in the cutest miniatiure embroidery hoop, measuring 4.5cm in diameter - I told you it was cute! Matched with a bronze effect chain, this necklace is part of a whole range of beautiful jewellery, which has a urban rustic feel. 

Ampersand Commodities reflects what Bex calls a slow creative movement, taking inspiration from how craft use to be. Each item oozes this hand crafted vibe, clearly being lovingly made, with beautiful attention to detail.

And it doesn't stop there! There is a whole range to choose from, including these gorgeous 'Knitted & Knotted' necklaces, which are made from a hand tied celtic knot. Utterly beautiful! 

Photo credit: Ampersand Commodities

Bex sure is one talented lady (running By the Yard as well - a shop full to the brim of handmade goodness!) and she's all about han made, so come and support the launch of Ampersand Commodities by popping over to her gorgeous Etsy shop. You can also follow Bex on Instagram and Twitter for the latest pics on her new designs. Ooh, I sure do love handmade!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Would you like to be a guest blogger?

I'm looking for bloggers who would like to do crafty DIY tutorials over the spring and summer. The tutorials can be anything as long as they have a crafty/handmade theme. In return you would get daily mentions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to your tutorial and to your blog/website for a whole week. This is a great way to build followers!

I currently get between 100-275 hits per day and tutorials are particular popular, so this figure could rise! If you're interested, drop me a line at: adventuresandteaparties[@]gmail[dot]com with the kind of tutorial you would like to do. 

A few things that I would need for a crafty tutorial are:
  • Good quality pictures of the DIY process, including one of the finished project
  • A list of tools required and if specialist tools, a link to where they can be purchased
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Your web address and any other places you would like me to link too, e.g. Etsy shop, Facebook page etc.

If you know someone who might be interested, please do share and do drop me a line if you 
have any questions!

See You Soon