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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Displaying flowers

So, my hubby bought me these gorgeous flowers (swoon!) but could I find the glass vase for them? No, nothing. I searched high and low but it was no where to be seen. So, I decided to see what the local supermarket had on offer. On browsing the shelves, my eye got distracted by some kilner jars for £1. I'm a complete sucker for kilner jars. I use them for anything and everything, from displaying colourful food items, like chilli flakes and bright orange lentils to everyday items like teabags and cotton wool...and of course, buttons and trimmings in my studio. As I was pondering what I could use another kilner jar for before continuing to look for a glass vase, my brain suddenly caught up with me. Pow! Why a kilner jar would make an awesome vase for flowers!

So, there you go! Grab yourself a kilner jar and pop some freshly bought flowers in. If anything it's a good excuse to buy some lovely flowers...and another kilner jar!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Guest Post Tutorial: DIY Boys Birthday Card

The super lovely Simone from Vintage with Me is my guest blogger today and she's sharing this great boy's birthday card tutorial! 
Card and Envelope (I like using large cards size 15cms X 15cms)
Any type of Lettering Stickers
Any type of boy stickers (I used the cars from the sticker sheet shown)
A piece of blue craft foam
A piece of yellow cardstock
A piece of red cardstock
A piece of ribbon and 3 buttons (not pictured as I added these later after I assembled the card. I sometimes do that when I get crafty!)
Craft glue
Step One: 
Cut out your lettering. I like to cut out all the letters to make sure that it will fit on the card. 
Step Two:
Your lettering will read “Happy Birthday Tom”. I like to personalize my greeting cards so I chose the name Tom for this card. You can put any name that you like.
Step Three:
Choose an age for your birthday card. I chose 5 for this card. I have hand drawn a number 5 on the red cardstock.
Step Four:
Cut out the number 5. I used scissors but it was a bit difficult with the corners. For a cleaner cut you could use a scalpel.
Step Five:
Place the number 5 on the yellow cardstock and cut a circle out that is a little bigger than the number 5.
Step Six:
Cut out a circle from the blue craft foam that is a little bigger than the yellow circle.
Step Seven:
Glue the number five onto the yellow circle and then the yellow circle on the blue circle. Once that is assembled and the glue is dry, you can place it on the front of the card. I placed it on the top right hand corner.

Step Eight:
Place all the lettering and the car stickers on the front of the card. Don’t stick anything down yet! I like to check that everything will fit and the placement is good.
Step Nine:
After you have checked it all fits, you can stick everything on. I have also added some green ribbon, a few buttons and a road for the yellow car. I find that sometimes after I have assembled the card I need to add some more embellishments. 
Now you have completed the birthday card.
I have lots of fun making greeting cards. I think receiving a handmade card makes it that little bit extra special!
Thanks so much, Simone! What a fab tutorial! A great project to do with the kids as well!
Don't forget to check out Simone's gorgeous blog, as well her new Etsy shop! You also find Simone on Facebook and Twitter, so hop on over to say hi!
If you would like to be a guest blogger and feature a tutorial, head over here to find out more.
Happy crafting!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

My month of sewing and a decision

Back in mid-March I decided to go on a self imposed sewing leave for a month. I was desperate to get to know my new machine better and try out some new projects. 

I didn't do nearly as much sewing as my greedy, crafty belly had imagined but I did learn some new things and also discover something: I need to sew more regularly because I love it! So, I've made a decision to schedule in a sewing night once a week to focus on sewing for my own pleasure. I've got lots of projects I want to try out, including the list of ideas I've got for my Sewing for Pleasure purchases, which you can read about here.

It's been great finding my passion for sewing again and realising that it should feature in my life more regularly. Here are some of the things that have encouraged this in my month of sewing leave.

This mini clutch bag kick started the whole sewing leave. I made it at a great workshop at the Sewing Cafe in Hinckley and you can read all about it here and have a look-see at some more pics here.

After a great time at the Sewing for Pleasure show, I finally bought myself an overlocker and featured it in a new tutorial for a lavender pin cushion.

I also finally decided what to do with this cute anchor print fabric, which I bought yeeears ago! I made a Tilly and the Button's Miette skirt. I had never done pockets or a waist band before, so it was great trying out something totally new to me!

With this renewed love of sewing, I hope to share more pics of my makes, as well as tutorials for Terry's Fabrics, who I'm now writing tutorials for. My first tutorial will feature soon, so stay tuned!

Have you found your passion for something crafty again or discovered a totally new craft? I'd love to hear all about it!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Purchases from the Sewing for Pleasure show

As promised, pics of my purchases from the Sewing for Pleasure show:

I'm thinking a peg bag?

Cushion? Purse?

Definitely making an apron with this! I thought the orange of the ribbon and the turquoise fabric go so well together that I'm planning to incorporate the ribbon into the apron some how. Perhaps as some edging or waist ties?

I'm currently thinking of making a cover for my sewing machine with this. Although I could happily pin it on the wall and stare at it all day!

Not sure what I'm going to do with this fabric but I know that I absolutely love it!

A fan of gardening, me? You must have the wrong person! Ha! So, yes I'm thinking something along the gardening line with these cute buttons.

This was a total impulse buy at the end of the day!

And this fabric is the star of the show! In actual fact I didn't purchase it...I was about to but then my bestie had to confess that she'd already bought me some! How awesome is she...and the fabric! :-)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sewing leave: mini clutch bag pictures

As some of you may or may not know, I recently decided to go on a self imposed sewing leave for a month. Simply put, I was giving myself some time to focus on getting to know my new machine and try out some new sewing projects. 

One of the first things I decided to do was a bit of social sewing by heading to the gorgeous Sewing Cafe in Hinckley to do the lovely Heather's Mini Clutch Bag workshop. It was the first sewing workshop I've ever done and I had so much fun! You can read all about it here and yup the crazy, bright stripey, pink polka dot bag above is mine. I particularly liked the fact that we got to put a lovely pleat down the middle, with ric-rac and ribbon to compliment.

Have you been sewing recently? I'd love to hear what you made!

See You Soon