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Have a feature written about your new product, brand or service

My experience
I have been blogging for over 5 years and have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge, particularly on creative lifestyle topics, travel and exploring the great outdoors, DIY projects and handmade brands, running a small business and working as a freelance blogger for a range of companies.

I love promoting amazing new products, brands and services and will consider any content as long as it’s relevant to my readers and my areas of interest.

My areas of interests and my readers' passions
- Creative lifestyle
- Handmade products and brands
- DIY and craft activities
- Travel, adventures, walking and the great outdoors
- Gardening and bird watching
- Cooking, food, beverages and restaurants
- Fashion accessories
- Home ware products and stationery
- Social media, blogging and apps
- Music, festivals, theatre and art
- Reading, writing and photography

What I can do for you
- Sponsored blog posts and reviews
- Sponsored Instagram posts
- Giveaways and competitions
- Photographing and sharing your product or service on various social media platforms

What I can’t do for you
- Share affiliate links within a suggested blog post topic
- Sidebar ads
- Sharing your press releases

What you get from a sponsored post
- access to my growing number of online fans and followers
- access to my network of bloggers, brands, businesses and customers
- my fast and clear communication and top rate organisation skills
- attention to detail and ensuring you are happy with the content
- access to my 5+ years experience and knowledge of: blogging, branding, social media, running an online shop and small business, customer care, EtsyNot On The High Street, specialist areas of interest, writing and photography.

Full disclosure
All sponsored content comes with a full disclosure to my readers, followers and fans. This means I will clearly state that I have been sponsored to write a post.

Sponsorship packages
I offer a range of sponsorship packages at very reasonable prices, so please do get in touch for further details and examples of my work.

Want something a little different?
If you’ve got something else in mind or have any other questions, then please do drop me a line and we can chat further.


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