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Head down to the end of the garden, where you’ll find an imaginative world of adventures and tea parties awaiting you. There’s a picnic blanket on the fresh green grass, with cucumber sandwiches, a huge chocolate cake and a little vintage radio playing songs to you. Lying on the blanket, you can look up through the trees to see the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds where adventure awaits you. Don’t forget to take your pocket square handkerchief or your handmade bow tie because every day is an adventure at Adventures & Tea Parties!

And Adventures & Tea Parties is here to help brighten up your day or make someone else’s day extra special, with personalised and hand embroidered handkerchiefs, handmade bow ties, pocket tissue holders, personalised dog neckerchiefs and jewellery.

Do pop back often as lots of lovely new accessories are being added all the time. And don’t forget to follow Adventures & Tea Parties and sign up to the newsletter, so that you can be the first to hear about new designs, upcoming sales and creative inspiration!


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